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Our Vision

Innova Gulf Partners is an alternative member marketplace that provides accredited members (lenders) with opportunities to connect with highly vetted borrowers and the opportunity to invest in asset-based lending with a targeted annual interest of 8-20%. We let the Members Become the Bank.

We present investment offerings from experienced and trustworthy loan originators or asset managers with significant long-term track records of success in their respective investment area. We only accept investments that have a low correlation to the broader markets, are backed by strong collateral and are short in duration (up to 36 months).

In summary, each offering introduced by Kiribillli Private must meet the following criteria:

  • Asset-backed with strong collateral
  • Have low market correlation
  • Managed by proven asset managers
  • Short in duration (up to 36 months)
  • Targeted annual interest of 8-20%

Let’s explore these in greater depth.

with strong collateral

All offerings introduced by Innova Gulf Partners are asset-backed Private Secondary Market Transactions that are secured by strong, tangible collateral. Unlike a traditional bank loan, which is approved based on a borrower’s credit score, balance sheet ratios and cash-flow statements, asset-based lending (ABL) is granted based on a thorough investigation into the tangible assets that a borrower can offer to secure the loan.

Borrowers can put up equipment, inventory, accounts receivable and other liquid assets such as real estate to secure the financing they need. In the unlikely instance that a borrower defaults, the originator, trustee or asset managers can seize the assets and sell them to pay off the members in the loan.

The originators of our asset-based Private Secondary Market Transactions  have deep expertise in asset valuation. In addition, Innova Gulf Partners only accepts investment opportunities with low loan-to-value (LTV) ratios. LTV ratio is a financial term that expresses the ratio of a loan to the value of an asset purchased. The lower the LTV, the less risky the loan is because it’s backed by a lot more collateral than the value of the loan.

For example, Innova Gulf Partners Members participated in a $200K Pro Athlete Loan to an NBA player, for example, that was secured by his $2M guaranteed player contract, as well as insurance in the event the player should become injured, die or otherwise fail to complete his contract. Our Members earned 10% over the loan’s 24-month term, receiving their pro-rata interest payments on the 15th of each month.

Low Market Correlation

Innova Gulf Partners offerings provide low correlation to the broader markets, meaning that they are largely unaffected by whether the stock market is rising or falling. Investments that are low in correlation may help cushion portfolios from turmoil in the stock market and the global economy.

Traditionally, ultra-wealthy individuals and institutional investors have included low-correlation alternative asset classes such as litigation finance, aircraft leasing, real estate lending or receivables funding in their portfolios to help reduce their overall exposure to stock market volatility.

Until now, accredited investors were shut out of these types of offerings by high minimum investments and other barriers. At Innova Gulf Partners, however, we are using the power of technology to disrupt this state of affairs and bring low-correlation investments to all accredited investors.

Proven Alternative
Investment Asset Managers

Asset managers are key to ensure that the loan or investment is serviced smoothly, and the returns are flowing back to investors. Innova Gulf Partners works with proven asset managers who are experienced operators in their investment area and have seen been through down cycles. They must be subject market experts in their asset classes, know the market and have experience managing the investment. This ensures that your hard-earned money in this investment is managed appropriately.

If the above 3 criteria are met then we consider yield and duration.

Short Duration

Short duration offers Members flexibility that they may be seeking. Generally accepted investment period range from 12 months to 5 years+. Most investments you will find on Innova Gulf Partners are typically 1 to 3 years. Short durations provide our Members with:


Innova Gulf Partners Members are not required to tie up their capital for long periods, as they would be investing in real estate, for example.

Substantial returns

Borrowers are willing to pay higher interest rates for the short- term financing Innova Gulf Partners Members provide to them.

Annual Interest
of 8-20%

At Innova Gulf Partners, we provide access to asset-based investments that target yields of 8-20% for accredited Members.

In times like these, high-net-worth individuals and institutional Members search (and find!) higher yields in specialty finance investments. Until now, these offerings haven’t been available to most accredited Members.


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