Our members gather with intentionality to learn, invest and collaborate. We screen an average of 10 companies monthly, providing 2-4 industry diverse companies and entrepreneurs an opportunity to present their company, vision and funding needs to our member-base.

Our Members look for compelling product and service differentiation, strong management and investment management teams, transparency of all business and market realties, and a pre-determined exit plan.

Additionally, we may serve on their boards, assist in strategic planning and connect them to proven industry specific - finance, branding, marketing, operations and management resources - if requested.

Funding Process Defined

We put all investment opportunities through a strict due diligence process to determine if they meet our five-point investment philosophy.

  1. Send your executive summary to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for preliminary review.
  2. After the initial review, Innova Gulf Partners will set up a 30 minute interview with the CEO or entity principle.
  3. Present your company to Innova Gulf Partners investors for 10 minutes, with an additional five minutes for Members questions. After the presentation, interested Members are allowed to further discuss the investment.
  4. Members will conduct a thorough research on all aspects of your company After the successful completion of due diligence, interested Members (individually or group) will present a term sheet that define the investment deal.
  5. After both parties agree on the aforementioned term sheet, the deal can now be executed.
  6. After the deal, you will now have access to a plethora of experienced professionals in the Innova Gulf Partners network that can provide you further guidance during your venture. And if requested, Innova Gulf Partners members may also serve on your board, provide assistance in strategic planning, and connect to industry specific resources to increase the success rate of your business endeavor.


Innova Gulf Partners is the Emirate Principal for the ALS Investment Group & Service Corp.
Which is a subsidiary of the Arab Latin Sino Investment Group

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