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About Innova Gulf Partners Member Marketplace

All offerings introduced by Innova Gulf Partners are highly vetted private transactions that are secured by strong, tangible collateral.

We present investment offerings from experienced and trustworthy loan originators or asset managers with significant long-term track records of success in their respective investment area. We only accept investments that have a low correlation to the broader markets, are backed by strong collateral and are short in duration (up to 36 months).

In summary, each offering introduced by Innova Gulf Partners must meet the following criteria:

  • Asset-backed with strong collateral
  • Have low market correlation
  • Managed by proven asset managers
  • Short in duration (up to 36 months)
  • Targeted annual interest of 8-20%

Private Member Marketplace

All offerings introduced by Innova Gulf Partners are highly vetted private transactions that are secured by strong, tangible collateral.

Unlike a traditional bank loan, which is approved based on a borrower’s credit score, balance sheet ratios and cash-flow statements, asset-based lending (ABL) is granted based on a thorough investigation into the tangible assets that a borrower can offer to secure the loan.

Borrowers can put up equipment, inventory, accounts receivable and other liquid assets such as real estate to secure the financing they need. In the unlikely instance that a borrower defaults, the originator, trustee or asset managers can seize the assets and sell them to pay off the Members in the loan.

The originators of our asset-based Private Secondary Market Transactions have deep expertise in asset valuation. In addition, Innova Gulf Partners only accepts investment opportunities with low loan-to-value (LTV) ratios. LTV ratio is a financial term that expresses the ratio of a loan to the value of an asset purchased. The lower the LTV, the less risky the loan is because it’s backed by a lot more collateral than the value of the loan.

Member Profile

Accredited Members comprise the membership of Innova Gulf Partners, including partnerships with platforms focused on emerging asset-based alternative investment sectors.

Hedge funds and institutional Members have been taking advantage of asset-based alternative investment opportunities for years, Innova Gulf Partners is dedicated to bringing these opportunites to our members.

Our members are performance-minded, character-driven people committed to investing, and a few more essentials in the fine print below. If you’d like to learn more and visit one of our workshops or member events, you are welcome to be our guest.


Innova Gulf Partners is the Emirate Principal for the ALS Investment Group & Service Corp.
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